Vote No On N


DSC_0109NO on N is a local political action committee dedicated to preserving Lake County’s natural and community resources for those that call it home.

The Board of Supervisors recently passed an ordinance that has no hope of being effective. Their flawed ordinance has no cost recovery built into the program. It will be a drain on our general fund, reducing money for road repairs and other critical public needs.

Further, their ordinance criminalizes individual patients, outlawing them from even cultivating a handful of plants. We should be spending our limited enforcement dollars on stopping large trespass grows on our public and private properties, not by clogging up our courts with individuals exercising their right to grow medicine for personal use.

For these reasons and more, we have qualified a referendum of the Board of Supervisors shortsighted ordinance in order that voters can throw it out at the Primary Election on June 3rd. Click here to figure out how to register to vote right away! NO on N!

So what happens when we throw out their toothless ordinance this June? The same thing that happens now! The urgency ordinance that the Board of Supervisors passed continues to be the law. The board can simply pass this law as a permanent ordinance. See the link to the Board’s urgency ordinance here.

P1010275We still need to pass a real ordinance that doesn’t penalize sick individuals for growing a handful of plants, clogging up our courts and destroying lives through asset forfeiture. We need an ordinance that actually has fees to pay for oversight instead of draining our general fund. The Emerald Unity Coalition is working on such an ordinance right now. But first, Vote NO on N!